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Internet of Things [IoT]

What is Internet of Things [or IoT]: It is a network where objects, animals or human beings are provided with Unique Identifiers [UID] with data transfer capabilities. With wireless technologies, sensors etc, IoT has evolved over the years. A person with a heart monitor implant or an animal with biochip transponder or an automobile with [...]

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How to choose the right CRM for your Organization

A thoroughbred CRM Consultant will ask you a number of questions before suggesting the best CRM that would suit your organization. From your organizations perspective, you may start documenting your requirements. List down the features that you cannot live without [Must Haves or Mandatory]. These are the core problems you are trying to solve. Then list [...]

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Social Customer Era

I was talking to a friend who works with Juniper Networks sometime ago and he was talking about how his company is building up the Application Infrastructure, Network Infrastructure etc. He was giving me a heads up on how things are converging. He also told me how it is essential to identify someone [read customer] through [...]

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Life Time Value [LTV] of a Customer

Are you maximizing your revenue potential with your clients? Are you extending your Customer Life Cycle? Are you able to acquire net new clients, retain them and most importantly are you able to improve your profitability? Are you engaging your clients enough to drive their buying behaviour and get their mind share? Are you able [...]

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Email Marketing Campaigns

In case you are running email marketing campaigns for your company: Do you profit enough from your email marketing campaigns? Is your email marketing campaign delivering the desired results? Are you ensuring that your email is delivered to the inbox and not to the junk folders? Are you able to track the click through open [...]

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Click Through Rate [ CTR ]

How often your email is deleted without being opened? What is the open rate? Do you measure the open rates? If you can analyze the conversion to open rates, it can help you refine your target segment further. Clients after opening your mail, are they clicking on the links that you have provided in the [...]

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Landing Page Optimization

What do you do after you get traffic to your website through your email marketing campaigns. You need an attractive landing page to convert that traffic. Most of the companies that are into online marketing don’t use Landing Page and the links are simply directed to their home page. Primarily most of them don’t realize [...]

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Web Analytics & Data Driven Marketing

Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behaviour of website visitors. The effective use of Web analytics enables a business to attract more visitors, improve the experience of Website visitors, retain or attract new customers and increase the dollar volume each customer spends. It is not sufficient if you just track only open rates [...]

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E-mail Marketing

The runaway success of social media is great news for us as marketers. Social Media has the potential to engage your customers like never before. And Email Marketing is still one of the best options to engage your customers. Email from a trusted source get higher open rates; faster, better response rates; and quicker conversions [...]

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Pay Per Click [or Search Engine Marketing or SEM]

Smart PPC Management is the need of the hour. PPC or pay per click is the most discouraging forms of online marketing. You would be competing on thousands of keywords without knowing which ones are worthy. You need a tool that can save your precious time and simplify your search marketing by running all your [...]

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