What are your Goals for 2019?

Choose from the options below:   1. To be a good parent. 2. To read more books. 3. To make more money. 4. To spend more time with family. 5. To visit new places. 6. To help as many people as possible. 7. To be good in thoughts and actions. 8. To get fit, to [...]

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The Road Less Stupid !! – book by Keith Cunningham

How to get what you want: Write down your major daily outcomes every day. Plan your day before it starts. Be accountable to someone for your plans, commitments and results. This is the Summary of the book "The Road Less Stupid” by Keith Cunningham. Summary Credit: Jeff Hotz #successtips #keithcunningham #roadlessstupid  

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Sales is not a sprint but a marathon!!

I happened to watch a portion of a documentary on marathon running. What I learnt is that it calls for more preparation than what is required for a sprint. Endurance is key for a marathon. While speed and agility are important for a Sprint, one should save energy and stay in the game at a [...]

America, August, Apple, Amazon – A’s & the Aces!

You must have read the news, I am sure. Apple became the first $ 1 Trillion company in terms of market valuation in August this year, followed by Amazon, the second $ 1 Trillion company. What makes Apple & Amazon tick? One thing I am sure, they are focused on Customer Experience & making lives [...]

Einstein asked for a bigger Dustbin!

That was a time when he was deported out of Germany and got asylum in the US. He was taken to a new research centre allocated to him in Princeton. They asked him if he liked the research centre. Is there any facility that is missing, they asked. He told them that the dust bin kept [...]

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