Optimism begets more optimism!

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Do you want to create original content?

Photo Credit: Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash Having read as well as written blogs & books [yes, I have one book to my credit, yay!], I can confidently list down some ideas for you to create high quality content that others find really interesting to read, in one breath: Be Human. Your readers aren't interested in reading some [...]

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E-mail Marketing

The runaway success of social media is great news for us as marketers. Social Media has the potential to engage your customers like never before. And Email Marketing is still one of the best options to engage your customers. Email from a trusted source get higher open rates; faster, better response rates; and quicker conversions [...]

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In an overcrowded market, it would be difficult to position a product or a service unless you stand out with a unique communication strategy addressing your target market. The communication should create a niche for your product or brand in the minds of the clients. Let us get the facts straight. If there is a [...]

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Target Market

After Segmentation you are more likely to address the Exact Target Market you actually wanted to than before segmentation. Addressing the target market is more important on two counts – one you don’t want to address customers who are either not interested in this particular campaign or customers who are not likely to open or [...]

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