Everyone has Talent but it takes a Genius to find it!

During my first year in college I was sitting in the Engineering Drawing Class. I was on the last bench. Until then [that is until School Final Year], I used to be a first bencher and I am not sure when the transformation happened. 🙂

After teaching about “Scales”, our Lecturer gave us a problem to solve. And I solved it while the rest of the class was still on it. I didn’t get up and brag that I solved it.

Our Lecturer came around and asked me why I was not doing it. I told him that I had solved it. He took a look. And patted my back and said “You are a Master”. I had solved it in a different method. I learned about that later when he solved it for the class.

Years later when I reflected on this incident, I felt happy.

How often do you identify your people’s talent? And what are you telling them to make it memorable for them to remember years later and feel good about it? They will feel happy that they worked for you and/or with you if you recognise their talent often.

Happy Managing!!

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