How to search for prospects on Google?

In many ways, Recruitment resembles Sales and vice-versa.

There are many commonalities between the two. Selling is involved in both the profession. That apart, searching is also common to both.

You either search for Candidates or Clients.

When I was in recruitment, I learnt quite a bit about how to search for Talent using Google. Some of those ideas can be used in Sales as well.

  1. Do you know how to search within a location? Use “location:” followed by your choice of location.
  2. Use OR or AND or AND NOT etc? [Boolean Search] when you want to search for this or that or search for two or more things [include] or search for something and exclude something specifically.
  3. Have you used “site” or “insite” to search within a website?
  4. You can use “~” to search for synonyms.

Happy Searching!

Happy Selling!

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By Kannan_Kasi

Kannan Kasi is an Entrepreneur with extensive experience in Marketing & Sales in Software Products & Software Services, CRM [Customer Relationship Management], Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing & Recruitment. He has thorough knowledge in his domain, has attention to detail, has a 'never say die' attitude & an indomitable spirit to succeed [come what may].

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