An idea for a Recruitment App got me a client!

This is hot off the press!

Recently, I got in touch with a software development company. I had some ideas for a recruitment app. And I was looking for someone who can convert that idea into an app.

Someone whom I trust and follow had referred this company. They had an impressive client base as well. So, I decided to give it a shot.

I wrote to them. To my surprise, the Founder & CEO responded back. I had mentioned that I wanted to speak to the Sales team. He responded by saying they don’t have a sales team. What?

He said I can speak to him instead.

We Calendly-ied to schedule our zoom.

Finally, the day arrived and we zoomed.

I gave him a quick background of myself, where I come from, what problem I am planning to solve etc.

My experience in the recruitment space:

Having spent many years in the recruitment space, I wanted to solve a particular problem faced by the Industry. I briefed him on my idea for a recruitment app without signing an NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreement]. That goes to prove that I didn’t have any insecurity problems.

Let me give you a quick background so that you get the context and know why I am more suitable to solve this problem.

I considered both my clients [employers] and candidates [jobseekers] as my clients.

In the B2B2C model what happens is, you consider the end client [consumer] or user or someone who is impacted by your solution also as your client. Right or wrong?

So, you need to keep in mind the needs of the end Customer in a B2B2C model.

The client can be handled well because it is only one at a time. Whereas, the end clients’ needs have to be handled well then and there because you won’t get another opportunity to correct a problem.

I did well in recruitment because of my Sales background.

The needs of the candidates were of high priority for me and I always tried to satisfy those needs. As a result, the candidates [or jobseekers] were very happy and appreciative.

Like we get back to clients in Sales, I always got back to candidates. For instance, I was the only consultant who got back to them with the interview status. No other consultant bothered. Trust me.

What’s more? I sold my clients to my candidates. I wrote ten points why they should consider joining my client. They all liked it.

I was different.

But, to me, I was normal and the rest of the consultants were different.

Recruitment App
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My meeting with the CEO:

Coming back to my zoom meeting with the software development company’s CEO, we discussed my idea of a recruitment app. He said they can do it. And asked me to use wireframes and capture my idea. I understood that it will help them to estimate the project. Hence, I agreed to do it.

And then something unusual & unexpected happened.

He asked me if I can help them with my Sales experience in developing a software product. He wanted a contract engagement and hire my consulting services.

I went to buy some services. But, I found myself selling.

Normally, I follow a set sales process. But, if a client is in a hurry, I bypass it. I match the speed of the client always. As a result, I decided to move forward with this request from the CEO.

The CEO asked me what my hourly rate was. He said he will send me the contract once he has my rates.

I agreed to send it to him. Then, I sent him the rates. He sent me the contract. We signed. And we got started. A new relationship began.

I never knew I would get a client when I am in the market looking for a vendor.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Keep your eyes and ears open.
  2. Match the speed of your prospect.
  3. By-pass or overrule your Sales process, if you think it’s going to benefit the prospect.
  4. Be professional.
  5. Be friendly.
  6. Solve problems.

On a lighter note, I became my own client’s prospect [I would soon become my client’s client as well]. 🙂

Happy Selling!

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