Happy moments!

This is an attempt to capture some happy moments in my life. The idea is to relive those happy moments while I recollect them. I am sure you have such happy moments in your life too.

“Kannan, why don’t you come over to my house for a night’s study?” my friend & college-mate in Engineering asked me.

I was not comfortable. Whether his mother would like it or not, I wasn’t sure.

But my friend kept pushing me.

He said, “Let us see if we can play a game of football in the evening before we sit for joint study.”

I was hooked.

Happy Moments!
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I landed up at his house well on time.

We had a cup of tea and biscuits and after that, we proceeded to the playground.

That was a gated community. It was nothing but the staff quarters of the Salem steel plant [SAIL] and my friend’s family was living there. His mother was a librarian in the community library of SAIL.

What a great place it was. The well-laid-out roads, trees, security guards, serenity, fresh air, community library – I loved them all. I started capturing all the things around [with my eyes and storing them in my mind that had no space constraints].

Come, let’s enter the playground.

There were some players already present. We joined them. Two teams were drawn from the crowd. What a great game it was. My heart was filled with happiness. Now, when I think of it, I am able to relive those happy moments.

Like all good things, the game ended and after that, we returned home, took bath, and started studying.

Had dinner with him. His mother served us hot food with love and affection. We enjoyed the food. Then we started studying.

We studied well into midnight and then we watched some movie on cable in his room. His mother had removed the cable and kept it somewhere but our man had a duplicate cable secretly stored in his cupboard.

This post does not have anything to do with #Sales. It is an attempt to capture some of the events that made me happy in life. These are etched in my memory.

Do you have such sweet memories too?

You will be doing yourself a favor by recollecting those happy moments! The happy moments help you destress and above all, it brings about a positive outlook on life!

Another memory from my college days: https://www.zignalytics.com/2018/07/11/everyone-has-talent-but-it-takes-a-genius-to-find-it/

Create more happy moments in life!

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