Cold emails – words & phrases…

In my first job, I sold software.

There was no marketing team.

So, we had to generate our own leads.

We had a database of companies and decision-makers in MS Access.

We used the mail merge feature in MS Word and printed letters to be sent to all of them.

No personalization. Except for the names of the customers we are writing to and maybe names of their companies.

Beyond that no personalization.

That may have worked then.

Now it won’t.

I don’t know how to write cold emails.

Josh Braun is an expert in this. He says and I quote:

“Five things that boost cold email open rates.

  1. Five words or less.
  2. Piques curiosity.
  3. Emotionally charged.
  4. Contains a benefit.
  5. Third-grade words.”

I receive plenty of cold emails. Some are gold.


The words and phrases they use are something like:

  1. You can unsubscribe at any time
  2. Free returns, no questions asked
  3. No credit card required
  4. No obligation
  5. Cancel any time
  6. No hidden fees
  7. Money back guarantee
  8. Tomorrow is the last day
  9. It’s closing in a few hours
  10. It’s gone. Almost.

Have you received such cold emails?

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you buy anything from cold emails?

Happy Selling!

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