Unveiling the Data Revolution: From Nappies to Newsletter Recommendations


In the Year 1999, amidst the dawn of the digital age, I found myself captivated by a simple yet profound concept: Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought this” feature. I heard it during a talk show for our clients, by our Datawarehousing Practice Head visiting our branch office from our headquarters. As he elucidated this feature, I was struck by its ingenious connection between seemingly unrelated products.

One famous example lingered in my mind: the curious correlation between the sales of nappies and beer bottles on Friday nights. Why did these unrelated items seem to fly off the shelves when placed adjacent to each other? The answer lay in the emerging field of data science, a term unfamiliar to me at the time.

Attending that talk show ignited my fascination with data, even though I wasn’t a technologist then, nor am I one now. Over the years, my interest in data persisted despite the demands of my sales job. Thankfully, the evolution of tools provided avenues for individuals like me to analyze data and draw conclusions, particularly in the realm of sales.

In today’s world, personalized recommendations are ubiquitous. Whether it’s suggesting newsletters based on our interests or predicting our next purchase, data-driven insights permeate our daily lives. Yet, amidst this digital deluge, time remains our most elusive resource.

So, dear reader, what resonates with you? Do you enjoy real-life anecdotes, sales experiences, personal reflections, marketing insights, or career tips? As someone who relishes writing, I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Your feedback fuels my passion and keeps me inspired to share more.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here’s to embracing the data revolution and uncovering its hidden treasures.

Happy Selling!

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