Why does a Shoe Store Sales Person recommend only a particular brand during a Christmas sale?

Dr. Anil V. Pillai spoke about using Behavioural Sciences to get focused on the Customer & solve his problems. I had the privilege of attending this conference by CRM Academy Asia Founder Amit S. Chakarpani PhD. Dr. Pillai said his friend Don Peppers, a Thought Leader in Customer Experience, Marketing & Sales was observing a … Read more

What is Deep Learning?

It is a significant part of Machine Learning. And it tries to mimic human brain in a sense. There have been many failures as well as successes. Speech Recognition & Image Recognition are huge successes. It is a promising subject and opportunities are growing. It can probably predict medical problems or traffic bottlenecks on the … Read more

The 21 Best #bigdata Companies & their CEOs you can work for in 2018

Dataiku, Florian Douetteau StreamSets, Girish Pancha MemSQL, Nikita Shamgunov 1010 Data, Greg Munves Salesforce, Marc Benioff Attivio, Stephen Baker SAP, Bill McDermott Qubole, Ashish Thusoo Trifacta, Adam Wilson Zaloni, Ben Sharma Reltio, Manish Sood Microsoft, Satya Nadella Cloudera, Thomas J. Reilly Sumo Logic, Ramin Sayar Google, Sundar Pichai Looker, Frank Bien MongoDB, Dev Ittycheria Snowflake … Read more

What brings you to work everyday?

The following thoughts give me the adrenaline rush and get me to work: What value can I deliver today to my customers and prospects? What problems can I solve? How can I better my yesterday’s work? To learn something new today. Opportunities I want to create today. Activities that I had planned for the day. … Read more

Sales Experts you should follow!!

Anthony Iannarino: Alice Heiman Britton Manasco Brynne Tillman Trish Bertuzzi Chad Burmeister Deb Calvert David DiStefano Dario Priolo Ed Calnan Evan J. Kesner Eric Blumthal Flyn Penoyer Josiane Feigon Geoffrey James Ron Hubsher Please let me know of other Sales Experts, in the comments below. #sales #salescoaching For any help, get in touch with us … Read more

Are you reading enough?

Are you reading enough? If you have to thrive in Sales, you should read, read and read. There are various benefits of reading – improving concentration, reducing stress, enhancing knowledge, building skills in a particular area, improving memory, improving vocabulary, etc. In general, reading is good for everyone. But it is a must for Salespeople. … Read more

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