How to resolve issues & make them happy?

I attended a masterclass last evening. The learnings are for a lifetime. Here’s the deal: Never speak when your customer speaks. It’s rude/impolite & doesn’t serve any purpose. Watch your tone when you speak. Don’t assume things. Don’t ever say that you understand their problems when you have firmed up your mind not to resolve … Read more

It’s Transformation, which your prospects seek

Your Prospects are not seeking a Commodity but are seeking Transformation. The route to the transformation does not matter much as long as the Transformation is guaranteed in a specific time frame. Transformation means “a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.” A metamorphosis, in essence, is what your prospects are seeking. For ex, from … Read more

Buying Experience Index – BX Index – A Game Changer

I strongly feel that the Sales Performance of Sales people should be measured in terms of the Buying Experience of the Prospects measured through an Index. Let us call it Buying Experience Index [BX Index]. You are hearing this Term for the first time ever. I take pride in coining this term. I coined this … Read more

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