The Top 10 Sales Techniques Every Salesperson Needs to Know!

As a salesperson, mastering effective sales techniques is essential to achieve success in the industry. Here are the top 10 sales techniques that every salesperson needs to know: By incorporating these top 10 sales techniques into your sales strategy, you can improve your ability to connect with prospects, address their concerns, and close deals effectively. … Read more

How to earn the trust of customers?

In this blog post, let us take a look at how to earn the trust of customers. Before that, why is earning trust important? Customers buy only from people or organizations or stores they like and trust. If they trust a particular brand then they continue to buy that brand. In today’s environment, where the … Read more

The Power of Referral Marketing: Harnessing the Word of Mouth Effect

Let us take a look at the Power of Referral Marketing and see how to harness the word of mouth effect. All of us trust our friends. Don’t we? We do, right? At the core of Referral marketing, businesses use this trust to sell their products. Let’s see how. In today’s world of digital marketing, … Read more

The Power of Personalization in Marketing!

Personalization is the practice of tailoring marketing efforts to an individual’s unique interests, preferences, and behaviors. It’s a powerful way to connect with customers and drive sales. Here are some of the benefits of personalization in marketing: So how can you implement personalization in your marketing efforts? Here are a few ideas: In conclusion, personalization … Read more

Features you should look for in a CRM!

Contact Management: The ability to store and organize customer data, including contact information, communication history, and interactions. Lead Management: The ability to track leads and their progress through the sales pipeline. Sales Automation: Automated processes for tasks such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling appointments, and tracking opportunities. Marketing Automation: Tools to automate and streamline marketing … Read more

How to launch a new product?

Do you know what companies like IBM do when they launch a new product? Learn how to launch a new product. In my sales career, I have had the honour of attending a number of product launches. I watched these launches from very close quarters. I was working for a company that was a partner … Read more

Build Trust, first & foremost!

Selling on LinkedIn is no different from selling offline. We still have to build trust. Finding out who is the decision maker or who heads IT department [or EDP as it was called during the dinosaur era] from the receptionists is obsolete. You do the searches on LinkedIn. But that’s where the difference ends. Rest … Read more

Some thoughts on Sales!

Some thoughts, on Sales, Customer relationships, and Business in general: 1. One size doesn’t fit all. 2. Everyone needs to “eat” [read it as “buy”]. 3. They may need supplies today or someday soon. 4. Our job is to explore what the customer likes. 5. Presence of competition in the market proves that no single … Read more

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