Top 20 Networking Events and Conferences for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner seeking opportunities to expand your network, gain valuable insights, and grow your business? Networking events and conferences are the perfect platforms to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from industry experts, and explore new possibilities for your business. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the top 20 networking events and conferences tailored specifically for small business owners like you.

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn for Sales: Strategies and Tactics

Are you looking for ways to boost your sales game? LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for sales professionals. Here are some tips to get started: Key Strategies: By leveraging LinkedIn’s features, you can expand your network and increase your sales opportunities. Remember, the key to success on LinkedIn is to provide value and build … Read more

Surround Yourself with…

That was the time I was running a recruitment consulting business. I had a small team. We were doing sourcing & recruitment of niche skills. That’s when a friend met me in a supermarket store in the neighborhood one evening. All of a sudden, he asked me: How are you making your ends meet, Kannan?” … Read more

How to get 1000 likes & 100 comments?

How to get 1000 likes and 100 comments in a matter of 4 hours, on LinkedIn: Post, Some crap with a photo. Something that has no proof or no way of checking if it’s true. Cat photos, preferably GIF. Talk about stuff that’s hard to believe. Kindle emotions of people. Something that went viral few … Read more

LinkedIn invite template

If your LinkedIn invites are not getting accepted: Try this. You can thank me later. Hi first name last name, I saw your recent post on “xyz”. It’s inspiring. I strongly feel that it points me in the right direction. Please accept my invite. I promise, I will not “sell” you anything ever. Instead, I … Read more

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