Personalizing your emails!

Known Universe. In Marketing/Sales, it simply refers to a database of companies. When you start building your list, you normally start off with this database. Let’s call them suspects. Next, you target a subset of customers in this list. You narrow down by location or Industry [Manufacturing, Retails, Banking, Software & what not] or Revenue.… Continue reading Personalizing your emails!

How not to write emails!

Can you believe this? I just received an email from someone. [Fortunately, it was identified as SPAM and was in the spam folder.] It read something like this: “ Hi Scraped Apac, Wanted to check in again and see if you had any further interest in exploring your current online presence. Happy to pull together… Continue reading How not to write emails!

How to search for prospects on Google?

In many ways, Recruitment resembles Sales and vice-versa. There are many commonalities between the two. Selling is involved in both the profession. That apart, searching is also common to both. You either search for Candidates or Clients. When I was in recruitment, I learnt quite a bit about how to search for Talent using Google.… Continue reading How to search for prospects on Google?

The moment I quoted my fee,…

He was an Operations executive from the Logistics & Supply Chain Domain. His company does “business and advisory consulting for transformation, growth, cost reduction across manufacturing, logistics and supply chain space.” He sent me an invite to connect on LinkedIn. There was no introductory note. But I still looked at his profile and accepted the… Continue reading The moment I quoted my fee,…

Unscrupulous practices & useless contracts!

That was one of the big IT Companies in India. People there had devised unscrupulous & unfair trade practices. This story dates back to 2003-04 times. That was the time I had just started my business. I was into pure play IT Consulting. But it didn’t take off. Some clients asked me if I can… Continue reading Unscrupulous practices & useless contracts!

My worst experience with a Prospect!

My worst ever experience with a prospect. Like everybody else, I too write about only my good experiences. But the truth is that the bad experiences teach us what they don’t teach at Harvard or IIM. But still we don’t talk about it. Though the bad experiences are more in number comparatively, I still write… Continue reading My worst experience with a Prospect!

How to become a consultant?

In my first job, I used to sell two or more competing products in any category [MS Office Vs Lotus Smartsuite, MS Exchange Vs Lotus Domino [notes], MS SQL Vs Oracle WG / Ent, Scala Vs Oracle Apps etc]. In such a scenario, I was more successful, when I probed deeper & then suggested a… Continue reading How to become a consultant?