Secret Sauce to Compelling Copywriting – Unveiling the Essentials for CEOs and Marketing Directors

In digital marketing, compelling copywriting is the linchpin of successful campaigns. CEOs and Marketing Directors, responsible for content creation, often seek the secret sauce to compelling copywriting that transforms ordinary text into powerful messages that resonate with audiences. Compelling copywriting does just that—it captivates, persuades, and ultimately drives action.

How not to write emails!

Can you believe this? I just received an email from someone. [Fortunately, it was identified as SPAM and was in the spam folder.] It read something like this: “ Hi Scraped Apac, Wanted to check in again and see if you had any further interest in exploring your current online presence. Happy to pull together … Read more

How to write good emails?

I am a great fan of emails. Even after whatsapp, messenger, skype etc, email still holds its place in this era of instant communication. But do we really know how to write an email? How to write an email that sparks interest in the reader’s mind to know more about you, your company, your products … Read more

“Somebody belongs somewhere”

“Somebody belongs somewhere”. What? Say that again. In this day & age, we are still seeing inequalities of all kinds in employment. Recently, a fast-food major, tweeted something that was not in good taste. I was shocked to see that. So, you will do anything to get clicks. Right? Utterly wrong. And so cheap. Does … Read more

Healthy Competition!

I am not sure if you had seen this tweet from Burger King that actually asks its customers to buy from McDonalds. Here it is: This is not the first time that a brand has shown some love for its competition. During Aug 2018, when swedish furniture giant IKEA entered India, online furniture retailer Urban … Read more

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