Gopal Sir, the best storyteller ever!

Whenever I think of storytelling, I remember Gopal Sir, our English teacher in Class IX & X at School. He was not our teacher. But, our best friend. So, it is natural that, after class, we all surrounded him and spoke about a lot of things. I remember his face even now. That’s because some … Read more

TED Talks – a source of inspiration!

TED talks are a major source of inspiration. Think of your subject matter and there will be many TED talks on it. These talks are approximately 18 minutes long and are easy to grasp & have some actionable tips or lessons in them. If you are drawn to some of these talks, then of-course, you … Read more

Are you reading enough?

Are you reading enough? If you have to thrive in Sales, you should read, read and read. There are various benefits of reading – improving concentration, reducing stress, enhancing knowledge, building skills in a particular area, improving memory, improving vocabulary, etc. In general, reading is good for everyone. But it is a must for Salespeople. … Read more

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