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What brings you to work everyday?

The following thoughts give me the adrenaline rush and get me to work:

  1. What value can I deliver today to my customers and prospects?
  2. What problems can I solve?
  3. How can I better my yesterday’s work?
  4. To learn something new today.
  5. Opportunities I want to create today.
  6. Activities that I had planned for the day.
  7. To help customers get what they want.
  8. Do what others will not do. Take action, that is.
  9. What trends can I set today?
  10. To have fun and enjoy the day.

Share your thoughts. Tell us what gives you the kick.

Happy Selling!!

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Never Give up and other Tips!

  1. Never Give up. That’s what differentiates an achiever.
  2. Keep Prospecting. You need new customers.
  3. Regularly meet your existing customers. You need them more than they need you.
  4. Keep solving problems. One at a time.
  5. First, pretend being busy then actually get busy.
  6. Get recharged when your batteries are down.
  7. Eat good food. Take sufficient rest. Unplug and Restart.
  8. Read good books. Make it a habit.
  9. Keep a journal. Visit the past week and plan your next week. Time Management is crucial for success. You don’t have “forever” to achieve what you want to.
  10. Write down your goals somewhere and visit it often to see if you are on track.

Happy Selling !!