Do you want to create original content?

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Having read as well as written blogs & books [yes, I have one book to my credit, yay!], I can confidently list down some ideas for you to create high quality content that others find really interesting to read, in one breath:

  1. Be Human. Your readers aren’t interested in reading some canned reports. They are interested in reading something that they can relate themselves to.
  2. Write about your difficulties and how did you overcome them. That helps people a lot.
  3. If you are an expert in something, you can help people with your ideas, thoughts & expertise. But don’t write at your expert level. Instead write for an elementary school student. Keep it simple and interesting.
  4. You can write about your recent experience with one of your clients. How you delighted her / him will simply motivate people and help them take action.
  5. Your failures. There is a lot to learn from failures. People are failing. They want to know what to learn from failures and how to get up and running once again in no time. Your thoughts on this will be of great help.
  6. Success stories. Who doesn’t like to hear success stories. But Storytelling is an art. As long as you keep up the momentum and build up the scenes leading to the climax in a way that keeps the readers in the edge of their seat, it is fine. People learn and get inspired from success stories. It propels them into action as well. Isn’t that what you wished for?
  7. Problem solving: Take up one problem at a time. Your ideas, thoughts to solve a problem will make a good content.
  8. What books you read last month and what did you like in them and why.
  9. What is your plan for improving customer relations in your Industry. By writing on this, you can become a thought leader in your Industry.
  10. Tools you use to become more productive.
  11. Latest in your Industry: Write about the latest happenings in your Industry.
  12. Don’t ever write for Traffic or SEO or Conversions. It’s boring.

Happy Creating!! [I will follow these ideas as well :)]

Happy Selling!!


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