New Sales Playbook post Covid-19!!

Covid-19 has altered the business landscape. Forever. Sales playbook that we used so far does not work anymore. Post Covid-19, I don’t think we are going to return to the previous style of functioning. Right now, customers expect us to #bemorehuman. Some food for thought: Do we care for our customers? Genuinely? Do we understand… Continue reading New Sales Playbook post Covid-19!!

LinkedIn Tip: How to network!

If you want to connect with someone you don’t know, here is a tip: First follow them. They will get a notification that you followed them. They will look at your profile and if they are interested, they will follow you back. If they follow you back, you know they are interested. Now, you can… Continue reading LinkedIn Tip: How to network!

Add Value, not Tax!

Once, I was pretty late into an Account. The deal was almost signed when I entered. Can’t change it. But I did the unusual. I didn’t walk away. Instead, kept in touch. Shared some interesting anecdotes from other customers. Over time, I became the most trusted advisor. The customer wouldn’t buy anything without consulting me.… Continue reading Add Value, not Tax!

Conversation Starters!

How are you? That’s weird & not what you should be asking your prospects or customers. It doesn’t mean anything. Certainly not a conversation starter. For you to have a fruitful discussion over phone or in person, you need to engage your customer in a way that sparks his or her interest. If you understand… Continue reading Conversation Starters!

Optimism can win business!!

Little bit of negativity is enough to spoil. Imagine two glasses, half-full, one with water & another with coffee. Take one spoon of water & mix it into coffee. You don’t see any difference. Keep mixing spoons of water into coffee. At one point, you will see that the coffee has become transparent. Now, do… Continue reading Optimism can win business!!

Rediscovering the “Art” of Prospecting!

John Barrows & M. Jeffrey Hoffman conducted the webinar “John Barrows Goes Back to School: Rediscovering the “Art” of #Prospecting” yesterday or today [depending on where you live :)]. I enjoyed it thoroughly. What an energy & insight. Learnt about “Why you? Why you now?” technique to turn cold calls and cold emails to hot… Continue reading Rediscovering the “Art” of Prospecting!

Networking in Sales!

That was Year 1996. I had just then started selling to Corporate. Until then, I was selling to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Selling to corporate called for lot more skills than selling to entrepreneurs & small businesses. Networking skill is one of them. We didn’t have #LinkedIn then. I was hanging out where my clients… Continue reading Networking in Sales!

How to make friends instantaneously?

My better half & I had been to a hospital recently. Ok, don’t panic. Nothing related to the pandemic. Far from it. We were waiting in the reception for some tests and watching everything roll by. There was a tiny cafe tucked in one corner of the reception. A doctor walked up and asked for… Continue reading How to make friends instantaneously?